Perpustakaan Sultanah Nur Zahirah

Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

Loan Eligibility, Renewal Items, Reservation Items & Lost/Damage Items

Loan Eligibility

Material Type

Patron Category


Loan Duration






Diploma & Degree

20 items

14 days


20 items

30 days

Academic Staffs

30 items

120 days

Non-Academic Staffs

30 items

120 days

Supporting Staffs

30 items

30 days

            Books                                                 Alumni, Pensioner External, Industrial Collaboration        2 items          14 days

Renewal Items

Items can be renewed only once provided they have not been reserved by another patron.  Renewals can be done online not later than their due date. Otherwise, the system cannot generate requests which will lead to fine charges if the patron cannot return the book on its due date.To renew your items, click here: Renew Items

Reservation Items

Users may reserve library items online. Please refer to the Librarian on duty at the Customers’ Advisory Desk or the main counter for further information. Please collect your reserved items at the main counter within 7 days after being notified via email.

Lost/Damage Items

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