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Financial Accounting and Reporting : A Practice Guide

Description of this book :

Financial Accounting and Reporting : A Practice Guide is designed to be used by users undertaking financial accounting courses. It covers financial accounting and reporting works involved in the preparation of financial statements. It discusses the various regulations and standards surrounding financial reporting environment in Malaysia. 

Examples include documents that are being used in practice. A special focus is also given on the excerpts taken from the computerised accounting system environment, which is the SPS Accounting by SALIHIN. 

This publication intends to connect between the theoretical and industry aspects in financial accounting and reporting works with a special aim to address the gaps between theory and practice. It is developed by incorporating inputs from academics at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu and the industry SALIHIN. 

 By using this publication, users are expected to be able to prepare a full set of financial statements that adhere to the governing Acts, regulations, and standards. The coverage can be used to prepare the users for careers as accounting professionals and by entrepreneurs. It is hoped that this publication will contribute towards producing industry-ready graduates, for the betterment of the profession and the nation.

Tajuk : Financial Accounting and Reporting A Practice Guide

No. Panggilan : HF 5635 .A32 2022

Penerbit : Kuala Nerus – Penerbit Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

Tahun : 2022

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