• Open to all UMT registered students and staff.


  • Complete an application form, a registration card and submit 2 photographs (3.5cm X 2.5cm). For alumni, submit the form with a copy of Alumni UMT Card.
  • Library card will be issued. The card is non-transferable and members must produce their membership cards to borrow materials or on request.
  • Membership fees are as follows:


Fees For Membership Only



External Membership



  1.  A security deposit of RM100.00 will be charged for borrowing privilege
  2.  External membership must be renewed annually. For alumni, must be renewed every three years.
  3.  Any change of address or loss of Library Card must be reported immediately to the Library.
  4.  Borrowers are required to return the books when due or fines will be imposed. Borrowers are also    responsible for loss or damage of library materials.