Description of the library facilities

Book Drop

Process of returning books is more convenient lately because of Book Drop Machines that are operated 24 hours a day. This latest technology facilitates users to return books at any time and their records will be updated automatically. Location: Outside the library (at main entrance)

Self check

The Library provides two (3) Self Check Machines for borrowing library books. Location near the Circulation Counter. Steps for borrowing to be followed:

  • Scan the metric card or staff card.
  • Scan the book.
  • Collect receipt for safe keeping and future reference. 


The auditorium is can easily accommodate 220 people and suitable for activities like talks, workshops and seminars. Auditorium usage is permitted for any official university activities, equipped with PA system and campus wide computer networks. Location on the 1st floor.

Room reservation can be made online. - Click Here

Exhibition Areas

Situated on the 1st floor of the Library's Main Entrance

Post Graduate Lounge

The fully beautifully furnished sea-view lounge is basically meant for post graduate students and academic staff to enjoy reading or having mild discussion, its ambiance offers customers to feel relax while studying. Locate on the 2nd floor.

Cozy Corner

Relaxing space is provided for studying customers in a relaxed and comfortable. Locate at the first floor near the post graduate lounge.


Carrel Room

The library provides 26 carrel rooms at the second floor mainly for academic staff, post graduate and final year undergraduate students as follows: 


Usage Period

Academic / Non Academic staffs

3 Day

Post graduate

1 Day

Degree & Diploma Students

1 Day

Customers can get the key at the Advisor Desk located near the main entrance.

Discussion Room

There are 15 discussion rooms available in the Library.  Students and staff can use these rooms and key can take at Customer Advisory Desk.

Room Number



Usage Period


9,10 & 12

2nd floor

Lecturers Only


3 Persons

The rest

2nd floor


2 Hour

8 Persons

Library Square (Dataran Perpustakaan)

The open space Library square can be used as an exhibition area, religious or co-curriculum activities etc. It is situated on the ground floor of the Library.

·         Requestors should be UMT's staff and students. Application through

·         Usage application is restricted to activities organized by UMT only.

·         Usage is not permitted on Thursdays and Fridays unless prior permission by the Chief Librarian has been granted.