UMT's library collections consist of:

Open Shelves

Open Shelves collection is a monographs collection in a various subjects. This is the main library's collection and it can be borrowed by users according to the level or user category. This collection located at 2th floor.


Reference Collection is a collection which is can be borrowed for two hour and referred by users only in the library.  Its call number is begin with the letter 'r' (for e.g. r SB 403.2 R888 1996).  This kind of collection consists of materials for example dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanac, indexes and etc.  This collection can be referred at ground floor.

Red Spot Collection

Red Spot collection is a collection which is can be borrowed for two hour and referred only in the library.  This is the most important collection and it's consists of the materials which is can be suggested by the lecturers as a main reference material and text book. Normally the material in this collection is highly demand and expensive.

Multimedia Collection

Multimedia collection consists of audiovisual collections such as cassettes, video tape, diskettes, CD-ROM and etc. This collection needs a special equipment to manage and use it.

Serials Collection

A serial collection refers to periodicals publications subcribed by UMT Library and consists of Printed Journals, Magazines, Electronic Journals and Online Databases. List of Serial Collection (2012)